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We light up your life!

Thank you very much for your support and concern to our business which has been a foundation for achievements in becoming a leading firm in the energy business.

Utilizing LNG, the clean and environment friendly source for citygas, we have been supplying to north-eastern part of Seoul and Gyeonggi province. Established in 1981 we have become a part of LS Group in April 2004. Demand for natural gas is ra-pidly growing for its convenience and effect on the environme-nt. Its popularity as a clean energy source and diverse usage from homes, offices and to even the most industrious industri-es will give way to becoming a choice as the leading energy so urce for the 21st century.

As a public utiity, citygas industry is a close network with citize-
ns which is an indication that safety management is a priority in the business, and as the main body for securing safety to customers and citizens we place our utmost value and effort in establishing a safe environment.

To face and adapt to fast changing business climate we have been pursuing, and have been an advocate of, innovation act-
ivities such as 6 Sigma activity and many others. We intend to maximize management efficiency and maintain competitiven-
ess through continued application of progressive measures.
Vision G2G2020 (Good to Great 2020) "We light up your life!" Currently we are preparing a step into our future by impleme-
nting our vision, G2G2020 tailoring new business and provid-
ing new service to our customers, and incorporating relevant diversification such as community energy system, CNG busi-
ness, district heating and more.
With our united zeal and competency we will continue our dev-
otion to be the leader in the business and to open the future with you.
President Noh Joong Seok